Here are the presentation of the pups! 4 days old today! Everything is just harmony in the puppy pen. Mom Chloe has plenty of milk, and she is totally fine after the caesarean (keisersnitt). So far I haven’t noticed any difference from ordinary birth and the caesarean on her. This is the first caesarean in my breeder carrer, so I’m happy that so far it vent well.

Adoreas Ridged Lykke! The firstborn! Elin, owner of Chloe, wanted a girl from Chloe so this litter was her decsision. And what a happiness (Lykke in Norweigan) that one girl was born! So this sweetie is going to live with mum Chloe (and aunt Almea and Isadora). Lucky girl! She so far look correct.
Mr Black! The 2nd born in the litter! A big handsome boy that so far look correct.
Mr Blue. The last one out and a caesarean was needed because of no contractions. Also he is a big boy. He so far look correct.

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